Purpose of These Conversations

To come and feel connected, feel surprised, be a part of “this is the work of my church”, meet others and strengthen the web that connects us. To listen for the power of human spirits connecting with each other and with the holy.

To hear many diverse voices across the conference about what people are longing for in the church, what’s possible, their pressures, needs, hopes, desires and passions.

Conversations that blur the distances between us, illuminate the abundance in our community and nurture it, and to foster connections and relationships (connect people who share a passion for particular ministries).

Hopefully leading to a more dynamic and spirit led formation of flight as a conference, Image of starlings – moving together, connected by the Spirit.

About The Starling Project

Learn about the Starling Project and how we will come together to share our stories. 

Photo Gallery

View photos from Starling Project conversations around the CPC.

Starling Blog

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